Arizona Responsible Individual Services:


As your Arizona “Responsible Individual” I will provide your company with the following services:

· Serve in the capacity of your company’s Arizona Responsible Individual as defined by Arizona statutes.


· Provide the required Arizona “principal place of business” (brick and mortar office).


· Assist with preparing and coordinating the examinations that will be performed on your company by the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions.


· Serve as your “Statutory Agent” with the Arizona Corporations Commission (no need to pay a Statutory Agent company for this service).


· Provide updates regarding regulatory changes affecting your business.


· Assist with your Arizona Corporations Commission and/or Secretary of State filings by reviewing them for accuracy and completeness.


· Assist with your initial and renewal application for an Arizona Mortgage Broker, Mortgage Banker or Commercial Mortgage Banker by reviewing the application for accuracy and completeness.


· Hand deliver any documents that need to be filed with the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions, the Arizona State Corporation Commission, or the Arizona Secretary of State.